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Democracy cannot be maintained without its foundation, free public opinion and free discussion throughout the nation"

-The Supreme Court of Canada 1938

Cue the "Big Picture"

After nearly 30 years of working on equality issues for caregiving, I have run across many arguments from others, of course.  And though each of us starts off feeling alone in our gut feelings, it is fascinating to discover how much historical support there has already been for this equality struggle.


There is support from economists and legal theorists, from medical practitioners and sociologists.  Some of this support I have summarized already on other webpages.


But I wanted to pass along to you a few other perspectives which may be of use in your struggles too.  How does recognizing caregivers fit into the big picture for women's equality? How does it compare to stages in other major social revolutions? How have earlier feminists alluded to  this work? And last, what warnings are out there in science fiction about scenarios to avoid- negative utopias?

Worth a thought...